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I just heard about this - with all the press for Waitress & all - and remembered having caught a haunting bit of Trust on TV last year (catching good movies in pieces while channel flipping is one of those rare & lovely miracles that I'm afraid will go extinct with tivo), but I've never seen the whole movie because they don't have it on Netflix. AGG! Is it not a DVD? Not that your an expert. Hmm.

I loved your guest editor piece in Oxford American. Now I have to read The Moviegoer.


Thanks for the kind note....

A nice Australian region 2 dvd was available for a while (if you have a multi-region player or don't mind watching a film on your computer*). You could probably track it down on a re-sale site if it's out-of-print. I found a passable VHS through interlibrary loan (a godsend service [great for out-of-print silents]), but I'm unhappy with the image quality. I'm sure we'll see a domestic release on DVD soon.... [fingers crossed].

* or if you have an s-video hookup on your laptop.... If so, you can buy a cord that will connect your computer to your t.v. It's cheaper than an all-region player. But be careful: some units only allow a certain number of region changes. You might end up with a laptop that only plays region 2s.

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