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"That particular bear was still living with the family. It was remarkably greedy. We drove it about in a van, and whenever we passed a shop selling ice-cream it roared, so that we had to stop and buy some."

Ha--that's hilarious. What a fascinating excerpt--thanks for posting. I haven't seen "Swamp Water," but I'm a big fan of "The Southerner," so I'm definitely intrigued.

This is good timing, too-I've been going through the new Lionsgate Renoir box set the past week and reaquainting myself with his mastery.


i thought the whole section on the bear read like some fable, which is really renoir's gift as a memoirist... nailing that fuzzy quality of memory. most of his writing is very light, but there are dozens of moments such as this that carry the weight of a thousand "angela's ashes" in their funny way.

and my god that boxed set is quite the value. i ordered a copy last week.

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